I'm passionate about creating beautiful things, whether they be written or visual art. Like any proper millennial, I'm working a regular 9-to-5 while also running a few side hustles– namely, freelance writing, graphic design, and social media management.

I'm always up for an exciting new project or venture. If you'd love to see my writing or design on your site, email me! FYI: dog pictures, beauty videos, and book recommendations always welcome.


I'm a recent grad from Wesleyan University with honors in English and Feminist, Gender, & Sexuality Studies. I used most of my time at this top-ranking liberal arts institution cultivating my obsession with reading, research, writing, overloading my schedule, and coffee.

My writing has been about poetry and literature, trending pop culture, social justice, astrology and readings, queerness, mythology, socioeconomic issues, music and tv, and the many intersections between all these.